Deepayan Das

I am a Masters student at CVIT, which is one the research centers at IIIT-H where I work on computer vision. My advisor is CV Jawahar. Prior to joining MS, I completed by in EEE from Manipal Institute of Technology.

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I'm interested in computer vision and machine learning.

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Adapting OCR with limited supervision

Deepayan Das and CV Jawahar
DAS 2020, 2020
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We explore the problem of adapting an existing OCR, already trained for a specific collection to a new collection, with minimal supervision or human effort. We explore three popular strategies for this: (i) Fine Tuning (ii) Self Training (ii) Fine Tuning + Self Training and discuss details on how these popular approaches in Machine Learning can be adapted to the text recognition problem of our interest.

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A Cost Efficient Approach to Correct OCR Errors in Large Document Collections

Deepayan Das, Jerin Philip, Minesh Mathew and CV Jawahar
ICDAR, 2019
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Traditional post-processing schemes lookat error words sequentially since OCRs process documents one at a time. We propose a cost efficient model to address the error words in batches rather than correcting them individually. We demonstrate the efficacy of our solution empirically by reporting more than 70% reductionin the human effort with near perfect error correction.